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Bee Kind Bee Weather Wax Out Door Furniture

Made in New Zealand!!

Bee Kind Weather Wax combines carnauba wax, beeswax and pure orange oil to effectively penetrate and replenish natural oils in outdoor wood furniture.

Application: Highly recommended to use immediately on newly purchased outdoor wooden furniture to prevent dullness and oxidation occurring over the season, which turns tables silver. Direct sunlight and varying weather conditions can be detrimental to beautiful outdoor wooden furniture. Apply with a cloth or glove and rub into the grain of the wood.

Prevents wood from cracking, drying and oxidizing due to exposure to the sun, temperature variations or moisture. Protects and beautifies all types of wood. Beeswax is a natural lubricant and protects wood from harsh elements, forming a protective wax barrier on the surface so it lasts longer and preserves the wood for years to come. Note: Most imported tables already come with a pigmented wood stain. So once the table has turned the silvery colour, you would require a brown wood stain or other to bring it back to its original dyed colour.

Mineral oils do not work and they have no beneficial long term positive effect on the wood. Weather Wax feeds the dry damaged wood to seal in the natural waxes and oil with long lasting results.
Bee Kind Weather Wax is chemical free and safe to use, especially good to use on furniture that comes into contact with food and especially children! Does not contain any chemicals, silicone, linseed oil, turpentine, silicon wax, neuro-toxic petroleum distillates, naphtha, synthetic dyes, or petroleum solvents. Every ingredient is renewable, biodegradable and earth-friendly.

All wood furniture is best stored indoors through the winter, and should be cleaned once or twice a year. Weather Wax should be used regularly and whenever outdoor furniture looks faded, grey, moisture damaged and dry. You only require a thin coat each time, so it’s very affordable. Best applied straight away with any new outdoor furniture, for added protection and to eliminate any premature weather damage and fading. or wood best lightly sanded or waterblasted if oxidized before wax application.

Come is a 180grm Tin

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