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Danelyte Electrolytes 2Kg


A highly effective electrolyte formulated to prevent and/or treat dehydration, replace lost body salts and maintain body fluid balance. It assists in recovery from excessive fluid loss following hard work, scouring or in any environment that increases body salt requirements. Danelyte® is a palatable powder which is easy to add to feed or water.

Active Ingredients

Each 100 g contains:

Calcium Cation (Ca +) 1.30 g
Carbonate Anion (CO3 -) 8.57 g
Chloride Anion (Cl -) 21.93 g
Magnesium Cation (Mg 2+) 1.28 g
Phosphorus Cation (P 4+) 1.92 g
Potassium Cation (K +) 8.19 g
Sodium Ascorbate (Vitamin C) 100 mg
Sodium Cation (Na +) 16.22 g
Sulphate Anion (SO4 2-) 6.49 g
Recommended Dose Rate

Competition day, the day before and the day following – 50 g / horse split between 2 or 3 feeds.

Training – 25 g per horse.

In cases of severe dehydration 100- 125 g per horse for 3 days, followed by 75 g per horse for 3 days then 50 g continuous, split between 2 or 3 feeds or administered in drinking water until dehydration challenge is overcome. If symptoms exist consult your veterinarian.

Directions for Use

One heaped 15 ml scoop is approximately 25 g. Mixed in the daily rations. Dissolved in warm water and poured over the feed, preferably after mixing the liquid with molasses. Dissolved in a quantity of drinking water horse will readily consume (say 3-5 litres) Administered as a drench. Provide a plentiful supply of fresh clean water at all times. Animals should still receive a full ration of salt.

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