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Dura Hoof

Feed supplement for the promotion of hoof growth in horses. Biotin ( a water soluble vitamin) works in the biosynthesis of proteins. Biotin improves the process of keratinisation and is involved in the organisation of the keratinised connective tissue.

MSM is a naturally occuring Sulphur nutrient. Sulphur is important to all tissue but is paticularly high in keratins, the proteins are predominant in the hoof. Hoof material, built up of keratins requires Sulphur supplementation.

Zinc and Methionine supply adequate daily levels of these substances required for keratin formation. Methionine is an essential amino acid and zinc is present in numerous enzymes. Adequate zinc improves the keratinisation process particularly in the coronary band skin immediately above the hoof.

Calcium is required for the formation of new cell tissue. Calcium is required for the bonding of internal hoof laminac and when combined with biotin and protein the rate of growth and the quality of the horn produced is improved.

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