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Flexible Fit Damson Bridle with Flat Crank Noseband (Soft Padded reins Included)

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*This noseband ships with a flash and converter tab, however these can be completely removed for use with a double bridle

This flat black English Leather noseband is part of our popular Gel Snaffle range. Padded with our unique gel, with use this noseband will mold to your horse’s face for reduced pressure on sensitive areas of the face.

All of our nosebands are double buckle nosebands, buckling on both sides of the crown piece. This helps to create a perfect fit and also reduces the volume of leather passing over the poll, reducing pressure and increasing comfort. This noseband is a crank noseband, meaning that the closure of the noseband folds back on itself before buckling.

This style of closure can sometimes have a bad reputation, however these nosebands can and should be done loosely. When buckled correctly, this type of closure provides an even pressure over the entire surface of the noseband which helps to remove any possible pressure points and increase overall comfort for the horse.

This converter noseband has the option to completely remove the flash and tab. Perfect for riders that never, or only sometimes, use a flash.

This option allows a clean streamlined noseband once the flash is removed, but still allows for the use of a flash when one is needed.

Head piece

Snaffle Gel Padded Anatomical Headpiece 5/8" Wide Cheek Straps

The way the headpiece sits on the horses head and more importantly the line it creates from the poll to the bit plays an enormous role in the comfort of the horse. Our anatomically designed headpieces are cut back behind the ears for optimum clearance and allows the bridle to sit behind the TMJ, one of the most sensitive parts of the horses head. 

Padded with our unique gel, this headpiece is incredibly soft and comfortable for your horse without being bulky. Being a monocrown headpiece, it consists of a singular piece of leather passing over the poll, effectively reducing the pressure on the sensitive areas behind the ears.


This Wave browband is part of our popular black gel range. Created with the finest Austrian crystals, this thin crystal browband will stand apart in any situation. This thin crystal wave browbands suit a wide range of head shapes, looking especially stunning on finer types.  English leather browband vegetable tanned browband with a high quality finish.