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Acavallo Opera Stirrups

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The Acavallo Opera Stirrup: Innovation, creativity, reliability, functionality and practicality will make Opera stirrups the first choice of professionals and amateurs alike.

They are the most comfortable stirrups available on the market today.

By developing the new Opera stirrup, Acavallo® has implemented its ideas and concepts of a new dimension of riding comfort and safety in a single product. The core component and most striking feature of this innovative product is its special patented loop suspension.

In contrast to conventional stirrup attachments, this solution permits a flat and untwisted location of the stirrup leather on the saddle flap, thereby avoiding annoying friction between the rider’s leg and the stirrup leather. The combination of these benefits allows the rider to achieve an optimum leg position and to sit in balance. This stirrup aids the rider by securing the desired leg position for a more correct, comfortable and secure ride.

The extra-large stirrup pad made of stainless steel gives the rider a better grip and relieves tension in the hips, knees, ankles, and calves. The open structure of this laser-engraved, stainless steel stirrup pad ensures that possible dirt accumulation under the boot sole is removed and can easily fall to the ground. A particular laser machining process applied to the steel pad provides an efficient surface grip over the entire product life.

The weight of a special steel pin inserted in the lower part of the stirrup pad as well as the mounting position of the pad itself, which is moved forward towards the rider, guarantee maximum safety and facilitate the regaining of the stirrup if it should ever get lost.

The main components of the stirrups are made of composite material using a single injection moulding process in which both colours are joined with each other. This makes them a real technological novelty in the market.

The Opera stirrups stand out from all conventional stirrup products on account of their extraordinary graphical design elements combined with a bright twin-colouration, which was unimaginable until today.

Made in Italy