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Bee Kind Leather Preserver With Teetree

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Beekind Leather Preserver - Made in New Zealand!!

A 100% natural beeswax and carnauba wax formulation with pure essential oils of Eucalyptus & Tea Tree – to waterproof, soften, preserve & feed leather keeping it soft, nourished & durable. There are no neurotoxic petroleum by-products, no solvents, turpentines and no artificial fragrances in this home made recipe. Beeswax and Carnauba wax are natural lubricants and protect leather from harsh elements, forming a protective wax barrier on the surface of the leather so the leather lasts longer.

When applied to leather, the wax deeply penetrates the surface, coating each individual fiber with a balanced application of natural oils making the leather much softer. This wax revives older leathers that have become very hard, brittle and dried out. Easy to apply, you can use your hands without fear of harshness or toxicity to your skin. Pure certified 100% essential oils of Tea tree and eucalyptus being antimicrobial and antibacterial, naturally inhibits mold and mildew and prevents leather and stitching from deteriorating. What can destroy quality leather is mold growing on the leather. It feeds on the fibers, eventually the leather goes dry and powdery similar to dry rot in wood. Just putting on oil will not repair the leather. If an oil or conditioner has a solvent in it, the solvent could also destroy the quality finish. Once wet, leather stretches, weakens, and shrinks, and becomes brittle as it dries.The less water absorbed by leather the longer it will last. Leather is a skin with fibers and pores, that requires proper natural lubrication and needs to breathe. Because leather no longer has a body to provide proper natural oils, we must provide these oils for it. The key to extending the useful life of your leather is restoring it with proper oils. Not all “natural” oils are good for leather care. Unfortunately, many products claiming to be conditioners or preservatives are not. They may contain harmful chemicals, mink oil, petroleum, turps, pine tar, or alcohol to soften or waterproof leather. They soften by weakening or decomposing the fibers and they waterproof by sealing the pores. They are low priced but definitely not economical when you consider the damage done to fibers, stitching, and glues. Preservatives may shorten the useful life of your leather.

Great for any leather used in the outdoors to protect from water, mold, mildew and dampness, great for vinyls, footwear, clothing, saddlery and harness equipment, leather lounge suites and upholstery, handbags, belts, motorcycle leather, boots, leather jackets, leather purses, leather wallets, leather bags and any old brittle leather that needs restoring and reviving. This wax is a very high-quality product for any leather, to nourish, condition, shine and protect. We guarantee you will be very impressed at the impeccable finish and the long-term benefits of using this quality superb wax.
180 grams in weight

Caring for your leather is an investment that can be expected to last a long time, but only if you take care of them.

Bee Kind Leather Wax:
• Non-greasy
• No neurotoxic petroleum by-products, no solvents, turps and no artificial fragrances
• No sticky finish, so dust won’t stick!
• Repels water and protects from water.
• Prevents mold growth.
• Very nourishing and naturally protects leather.
• Pure Tea tree and eucalyptus oil inhibit mold and mildew, preventing leather and stitching from deterioration.
• Natural Beeswax and carnauba wax will naturally lengthen and preserve the life of your leather gear.

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