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Equiguard Plus Pellets

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Your complete supplement to improve horse wellbeing. EquiGuard™ Plus Pellets is a pelleted mineral supplement for addition to horse feeds to support muscle function (as a mineral source) and help maintain immune function. Also contains a mycotoxin binder (Meriden Fusion DYAD™) to aid in the management of negative effects of feed borne mycotoxins.

EquiGuard™ Plus Pellets provide an organic form of magnesium as a mineral source which is more readily available to the horse and faster acting. Vitamin E and chromium help to maintain the horses’ immune system and support muscle function.

Active Ingredients

Each 62.5 g dose (elemental) contains:

Magnesium (organic): 250 mg, Chromium (organic): 1 mg, Vitamin E: 50 IU, Meriden Fusion DYAD™**: 10g (to provide 640g/kg bentonite and 160g/kg of inactivated yeast), Orego-Stim® flavourant.

Recommended Dose Rate

High Risk: per day 10kg feed – 2 scoops (125g)

Low Risk: per day 10kg feed – 1 scoop (62.5g)

One level 1/3 Cup scoop (included) is approximately 62.5 g.

The rate of inclusion would be dependent upon the severity of the mycotoxin present in the feed in which EquiGuard™ Plus Pellets are to be mixed.

Directions for Use

Administer to horses by mixing with supplementary feed (cereal/fibre) at the recommended rates. Mix homogeneously with other feed ingredients.


If symptoms persist, veterinary advice should be sought. By Law, the user must take due care, obtaining expert advice when necessary, to avoid unnecessary pain and distress when using the product other than as directed on the label. This product is for use in feed that meets industry standards for animal feedstuffs. It is not for use to modify feed that has unacceptably high levels of mycotoxin contaminants. This product may decrease the effectiveness of other oral medicinal products given concurrently with feed containing this additive.