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Hippo Health Fireworks Angel

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Fireworks Angel is a fast-acting natural calming remedy that targets fear and sensitivity to sudden noises and flashes of light during storms or fireworks displays.

An anxiety supplement that takes care of your horse when you can’t be there.

Safe, non-toxic & 100% natural.

Equestrian Competition & Racing safe (not swab-able).

When To Dose

Fireworks Angel is a professionally formulated horse anxiety supplement that can be added to the water trough before fireworks or a storm is expected, or given directly at the last minute for unforeseen events. This fast-acting remedy takes 20 minutes to kick in with the effects lasting for up to two hours.


How To Dose

Add to the water trough in the morning so your horse receives a top-up dose every time it takes a drink. For last minute or acute needs, dose directly into the mouth, onto feed or a treat. For particularly nervous horses, you can add a dose to your finger then dab onto their tongue, gum or lips – most horses love the sweet taste! The active ingredients will start working as soon as it contacts these mucous membranes.

90ml Pump Bottle

Give 2 pumps into the mouth at least an hour before fireworks or a storm is expected, then a second dose 15-20 minutes later.

90 ml Pump Bottle = 230 doses (2 pumps per dose).

Bottles are food grade aluminium with a hygienic serum pump lid and over cap. Great for dosing on the go.