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Keratex Hoof Hardener

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For strengthening and hardening hooves, that are cracked, chipped, soft and weak, without making them brittle.


The regular application of Keratex Hoof Hardener confers great strength on hooves, without producing brittleness, and resists these stresses. Also, when a hoof is cracked or chipped, increased stresses occur in the uncracked or chipped areas of hoof: these stresses can often cause the crack or damage to spread, and it is necessary to apply Keratex Hoof Hardener to the undamaged areas to give them sufficient extra strength to resist the extra stress.

Keratex Hoof Hardener should be applied daily for the first week, every second day for the next three weeks, thereafter every 3 or 4 days for maintaining healthy strong hooves. Apply to the lower half of the hoof and to the white line area and sole, making sure to avoid the frog, heel and coronet band.

Keratex Hoof Hardener is available in 250ml plastic bottles, with a brush included in the pack.