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Mouillere Over Shoes

The coloured mouillère®

The overshoe mouillère® slips easily over most models of men's or women's shoes and are ideal for protecting your favourite riding boots. It covers and protects the sole and the top of your shoes. They keep your boots clean and dry and the rubber/ plastic mix makes them flexible, hardwearing and improves grip on slippery surfaces.

The elasticity of the TPR rubber allows a perfect fit for all types of shoes. Choose your colour and match your mouillère® to your outfit



Not recommended for walking on rough terrain, sharp stones or broken glass.


Sizing: XXS (EUR 36-37) ; XS (EUR 38 - 39 ) ; S (EUR 39 - 40 ); M (EUR 41 -42 ); L (EUR 43 - 44 ) ;


Made in France by Mouillere

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