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Neutradex neutralises and reduces lactic acid producted by muscles during hard work. Aids in the prevention and treatment of muscle cramping and tying up due to acidosis.

Neutradex is recommended for:

* High performance althletes in hard training

* Horses with a history of tying up

* Re-hydration after exertion in conjunction with a balanced electrolyte

* Helping to flush toxins and waste products after hard exercise and hence to maintain kidney, bladder and urinary tract function

* Young nervous and heavily muscled horses in work

COMPOSITION: Sodium acid citrate 283.3g/L


Add 28mL to the feed daily.

TO HELP PREVENT TYING UP Give additional 30mL by mouth after every workout or slow work, and increase to 50mL after any hard work (if horses are prone to muscle soreness and tying up).

TO MAINTAIN THIRST ON FAST WORK DAYS Give 50mL NEUTRADEX® over the tongue as soon as possible after very hard or fast exercise to neutralise acid and stimulate drinking.

RACE DAYS 50mL over the tongue prior to evening meal

DAY AFTER RACING 50mL over the tongue prior to morning meal

Do not use NEUTRADEX® within 24-36 hours before competition.

Use immediately after hard work and after warm down exercise is completed, for one to two days.  Ensure fresh water is available after dosing. Use only as directed.