Savvy Touch Glide+ Balm - 100g – HorseSports
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Savvy Touch Glide+ Balm - 100g

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This 100% natural balm is a "must have" for all sports people and especially runners (chafe areas, blisters, shin splints) cyclists the best chamois balm, Tri athletes love it one balm for all disciplines.(100% wetsuit safe will not damage clothing)

Massage therapists, "scrapers", Physiotherapists absolutely love the Glide+ to "work" with. Like all savvy Touch products it is super concentrated. A little goes a long way. You are not constantly having to re-apply product it is just keeps Gliding Over the skin

Mums, baby adores the smell & feel of Glide+ as a barrier balm. Super light on the skin  Ideal for “dribble rash” also

  • As a “barrier” balm it protects and aids in natural healing of the skin
  • It is completely safe for ALL even the MOST sensitive areas.
  • Babies adore the super soft feel of the product & the smell of the Aniseed oil.
  • A must have if you suffer from chafing. 
  • Therapists it will become your favorite balm