HorseSports stock a comprehensive range of horse blankets, canvas covers and show rugs. 

We stock summer horse covers including summer turnout rugs, cotton sheets, waterproof synthetic horse rugs, show rugs, mesh horse blankets, stable rugs and jute under-rugs. 

Our winter horse covers include Weatherbeeta rugs, Zilco covers and fleece rugs, wool under-blankets and neck covers.

HorseSports also stocks various horse cover accessories including shoulder guards, hoods, waterproofer and tail bags.

Our horse covers are available from our online horse gear range, or you can choose your horse covers at our Auckland equestrian supplies store in Takanini.

Horse cover sizing

Horse cover sizes are measured in feet, except for European made covers which will be marked in centimetres. It is worth measuring your horse before buying a cover if you aren’t completely sure what size cover they need. 

For horse covers made in NZ and Europe, measurement from the wither to the top of the tail. For UK and US covers, measure from the centre of the horse’s chest to the furthest point of the rump.

Horse covers come in a range of weights

To check if your horse’s cover is cosy enough, slide your hand under the cover; their skin should be warm. Many horses will only require a lightweight horse cover in summer, such as fly sheets, cotton horse rugs or light canvas summer turn out rugs. Summer sheets and turnout rugs can help keep dark horses cool, and reduce the amount of bother by flies and ticks. 

  • In the North Island, winter horse covers are generally 220-240gsm
  • South Island horses may require horse rug weights up to 300gsm
  • If your horse stays warm easily, a 100gsm lightweight cover may be fine in winter
  • If your horse is clipped in winter, they may enjoy a 300gsm winter cover, and will need a neck cover
  • The most common medium weight horse covers in NZ are 200-240gsm

We’re always happy to help find just the right horse blanket for each horse. We look forward to talking!

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