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Many of us ride alone often, whether we are practicing show jumping at an arena, training a young horse at home, or miles from anywhere out on a trailride.

Riding alone can be exhilarating and often organising a friend to ride along just doesn't work out. Solo horse riding is a great time to connect with your horse and focus on working toward your personal goals.

But often at the back of our minds we know that if something went wrong - a misjudged jump, a pheasant shooting out of the bushes, a frisky buck - we could be hurt, alone, and unable to call for help.

Introducing the Tocsen Fall Sensor

This little rider safety sensor is endorsed by Uvex, and is 100% made in Germany to meet the highest European Standards.

When horse riding alone, the Tocsen fall sensor is the perfect safety back up!

Easily attached to your horse riding helmet, the unique fall sensor pairs with a free smartphone app. The helmet sensor detects any fall and asks if the rider is ok. After 30 seconds the app will automatically send an emergency call including GPS location data to your emergency contacts and any other Tocsen users nearby. 

So even if you are unconscious, help will be on the way.

It's so simple: Open the app, shake your head to activate. Ideally, skip step 3 but if you DO have a fall, the app asks if you are ok. If no response is given, your emergency contacts at home are alerted, and a community alert is sent to app users nearby.

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Other apps can track your ride, and even offer safety tracking where your safety contact can see your ride location on the app as it happens. But this relies on your safety contact constantly watching the ride to see that you continue to move, and calling you to see if you are okay if you pause your movement on the app mapping.

With a Tocsen sensor on your helmet, an emergency alert is automatically sent if you don't respond in 30 seconds - without you needing to do anything at all.

You can choose your safety contacts, let them know you are adding them to the app and ask them to accept your invite. The app will also alert any other Tocsen users in the area if you have a fall and are unresponsive, so the Tocsen community may be the first ones to arrive on the scene and provide help.

With long lasting battery life (3-6 months) and easy USB charging, this is a great safety option.

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