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We love horses! But half a tonne flight animal can do a lot of damage if things go astray. Our sweet equine buddies can deliver 1000 newtons of force with a kick, and merrily gallop around with us at 45 km/hr. Horse riders sit astride them with our heads 8-9 feet from the ground; or much higher if we are jumping.

Thanks to plastic bags, random signs, birds flying out of bushes or just an exceptionally spooky jump, we all deal with some shaky moments in our lives with horses. In fact, a large US study reported that 40% of riding incidents cited 'environmental factors' as contributing to falls.

At HorseSports, we want to do our utmost to ensure that you have access to the quality safety products that can make all the difference when things go wrong.

"My young horse unexpectedly took a huge leap over a "small but scary looking" jump, clearing it by almost two feet - I went so high that I was still descending when she took her next stride, and I got completely 'popped' off the saddle. My foot came free from my safety stirrup, and my helmet kept my head safe. I was super grateful!" -


Six safety products you'll never regret investing in

Riding Helmets - a safety non-negotiable

The dangers of concussion are well documented, but emerging science has shown how significant the rotational force of fall impact is on brain injury. All our riding helmets are compliant with the equestrian safety standards in New Zealand, but to benefit from the optimal protection, you may wish to learn more about MIPs riding helmets.

Safety Stirrups

Safety stirrups are designed to release your foot in the case of a fall, preventing a rider being dragged, or impacted by a panicking horse while they are stuck awkwardly hanging by a foot. The rider is free to slip safely aside.

The popular Acavallo AluPro Safety Irons are our top sellers but we also stock Peacock Safety Irons and child friendly Blue Tag Secur Feet Clogs.

Body Protector

Body protectors are designed to provide padding and protection for the spine and organs in the case of a fall and for this reason are required in Cross Country events where jumps can be unforgiving.

We offer the highly regarded Champion Titanium and AirFlex safety vests for adult riders and children, as well as the Dublin Supra Flex body protector range.

Horse Riding Footwear

Proper riding footwear is much more than an equestrian fashion trend. Riding boots are specifically designed to offer safety in the saddle, by being stable in the stirrup while riding, and easy to slip free when required!

From casual horse riding footwear and chaps to show-worthy long black riding boots, all the equestrian boots we offer are designed to keep you safe and secure.

Gloves & Reins

Most relevant for speeding across cross country, or galloping down the beach - when your horse is sweaty and feeling spicy, reins can get slippery and communication with your feisty steed can become a little patchy. 

We recommend a combination of good quality gloves with the right reins for you and your horse. Browse our collection of reins for rubber grip, padded or laced reins, and find your favourite riding gloves here

Horse Riding Breeches & Riding Tights

Everyone has their own preferences, but a touch of silicone seat on your jodhpurs is a popular safety option! We've rounded up four of our favourites but there are lots more to choose from in our Jodhpurs & Breeches collection



If you have any questions about the best equestrian safety products for your situation, just ask - we are always happy to give advice and share feedback from our other clients!



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