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Equestrian helmets with MIPS offer an additional a brain protection system which adds an extra layer of safety to a horse riding helmet. The MIPS System inside the riding helmet allows the head to rotate in the first instants of impact. This can reduce the forces acting inside the horse rider's brain in a fall. A horse riding helmet with MIPs offers the safety of impact protection AND reduces harmful rotational forces. 

MIPS - Multi-directional Impact Protection System - makes your riding helmet safer

Rotational motion from impact can be transferred to the brain, increasing brain damage risks. Horse riding helmets with MIPS act to redirect forces that would otherwise impact the brain, by allowing the rider's head to move 10-15 mm in any direction which reduces how the rotational motion is transferred to the delicate tissues of the brain. This video shows how MIPS works.

MIPS AB was founded in 2001 by specialists in the biomechanical field from the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) in Stockholm, Sweden. With extensive expertise focused on head injuries the company has conducted studies of the relationship between brain injuries and helmet construction over more than three decades. This knowledge and experience fueled MIPS helmet technologies for safer riding helmets.

Enjoy the advantage of a Mips® safety system 

If you love equestrian adventures, the right riding helmet is key. The most frequent cause of death or serious injury for horse riders is head injury. A riding helmet can protect you in the case of a fall, and the MIPS low-friction layer inside the equestrian's helmet allows that multi-directional movement on angled impacts, helping reduce rotational force to the brain.

Any riding helmet is designed to help protect you from head injury if you fall off your horse - but we know that falls usually result in angled impacts, so a MIPS helmet that is intended to help manage those forces and reduce rotational motion is especially relevant to horse rider safety.

Equestrian helmets with a Mips® safety system are designed with an integrated low-friction layer  intended to help reduce rotational forces during angled impacts.

Mips® systems weigh between 25-45 grams, so your helmet will not feel significantly heavier.

Statistics show that angled impact which causes rotation of the head and brain is more likely to result in damage. MIPS could be the difference between brain injury and walking away from your next fall. You can't be sure you will never fall of a horse, but you can reduce as much energy transfer as possible, from impact to your precious brain.

This video has some very clear imagery which illustrates why protection designed to reduce both 'fall' impact and rotational forces is relevant to equestrians.

Tips for choosing a horse riding helmet

Are you ready to choose your perfect riding helmet? Here are some angles to consider.

What's your equestrian style?

Dressage riders may think first about comfort, style and weight. Eventers and show jumpers might prioritise maximum protection. Some riding helmets offer more glamour while others have extra focus on safety and fit.

Riding helmet safety

Safety and rider protection is the key function of your helmet. Make sure it’s certified to New Zealand safety standards for horse riding helmets. ALL our equestrian helmets are fully safety standard compliant, but some are better suited to certain riding disciplines - feel free to ask us about your needs.

Rotational management

This is where a MIPS riding helmet offers a unique safety feature. When you fall and hit your head, it’s most often an angled impact. Choosing a riding helmet equipped with a Mips® safety system, which is intended to help reduce rotational forces to the head when falling at an angled impact is definitely a safety bonus. 

Comfort and fit

Every head shape is unique. Look at sizing as well as liner shape and straps. A poor fit is less comfortable, and can compromise safety. Check out the Uvex fit systems for super-adjustability.

For a comfortable, lightweight, well ventilated riding helmet with MIPS and high safety standards we recommend the uvex exxential II MIPS.

The uvex exxential II MIPS equestrian helmet sets new standards in lightweight design, wear comfort and rider safety. Uvex has combined an injection-molded riding helmet with a height-adjustable Multi-Directional Impact Protection System (MIPS). 

Made in Germany with MIPS for rider safety

With the uvex exxential II MIPS, Uvex is bringing a safety technology to horse riding that has already been proven in bike riding, winter sports and motor sport.  This riding helmet features a movable second shell inside the helmet between the inner padding and the outer shell, directly against the head. If a rider falls at an angle, it redirects these forces away from the brain by allowing the MIPS inner shell system to move.

The very lightweight helmet (weighing from 430 grams) has ergonomic design and is cut deeper at the back for additional impact protection. With its 3D IAS size adjustment, it’s easy to adapt both height and width to individual shape of the rider’s head and the improved ventilation system adds to rider comfort.

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