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As a trusted German manufacturer of safety helmets for winter sports, cycling and equestrians, Uvex has been popular choice of riding helmet with world-class eventers, jumpers, and dressage riders for years, and with 1100 athletes - including Ingrid Klimke - endorsing the technology and comfort of Uvex Helmets, it's easy to see why they are a genuinely reliable brand.

Innovative and technologically advanced, Uvex equestrian helmets are specifically designed for enhanced rider safety. 

The outer 'hardshell' of an Uvex riding helmet is injection molded for impact resistance, then protective shock absorbing EPS material is foamed directly into the polycarbonate shell using in-mould technology. This creates a lightweight helmet with an extremely impact resistant exterior and a shock absorbing interior through the secure fusion of the hard polycarbonate outer shell and EPS inner layer.

This manufacture process creates an extremely secure and resilient helmet, which is still exceptionally lightweight. Specifically designed built in ventilation channels provide maximum air flow for rider comfort.

With the range of Uvex riding helmets now available in New Zealand, you can select a high quality, lightweight, ventilated and extremely safe helmet for your equestrian discipline, from Swarovski Crystal and a velour finish on the Uvex Suxxeed Helmet to adorable colours and pony prints on the Uvex kids riding helmets.

An Uvex riding helmet offers a sophisticated technological design, a high quality finish, effective ventilation, and unbeatable safety.

For exceptional protection, Uvex is the first choice for countless equestrians worldwide, from casual hackers to serious competitors.


Uvex riding helmets offer a truly personalised fit with the IAS 3D Sytem which lets you adjust the height as well as width via one clever dial. Enjoy wearing a helmet that is fully adjusted to fit your head, exceptionally lightweight and offers the highest safety standards.

The helmet’s removable, washable liner is made of a hygienic, anti-bacterial, anti-allergy, moisture-wicking material. 

Adjusting your Uvex Riding Helmet

Choose the right helmet size by measuring the circumference of your head. Then helmet can be perfectly adjusted using the uvex IAS 3D system.

Simply loosen the system and put the helmet on, then turn the dial at the back of the head to tighten the ring and adjust the width. The Uvex IAS 3D fit system should make contact with the curve at the back of the head. To ensure a correct fit, the height should also be set for your head by pushing the dial in and turning it again.

Check the fit - with the chin strap undone the helmet should sit securely if you move your head. The straps can be adjusted so the join behind your cheek sits comfortably around the ears and the length of the chin strap should allow two fingers to fit between the chin and strap. Finally, note that when you do up the chin latch, you should hear a click to show it is fully shut.

Care of your Uvex Riding Helmet

Cleaning the helmet liner is as simple as removing it and placing it in the washing machine. Make sure you air dry (not in a dryer). Washing instructions are on each liner.

The outside of your Uvex helmet can be washed with lukewarm water, a mild soap, and a soft cloth. Do not use solvents - they can damage the riding helmet.

The helmet's chin strap can also be wiped clean with a moist cloth.

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