Acavallo Opera Gel Tendon Boots with E-Click Closure – HorseSports
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Acavallo Opera Gel Tendon Boots with E-Click Closure

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The new Acavallo Opera Open Fronted Gel Tendon Boots boast style, quality and the ultimate protection for your horse! Comprised of the highest quality materials throughout, these highly durable and hardwearing tendon boots are a must have for every keen competitor and casual rider alike.

Predominantly designed to improve performance while ensuring your horse is comfortable, these Acavallo Gel Open Fronted Tendon Boots offer protection against knocks and bumps while also preventing pinching and rubbing during use.

Keeping the legs cool and ventilated with integrated holes to assist with both this and improved blood flow, these premium boots offer all you need and more in your next set of tendon boots.

Colours: Black, Brown