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Hippo Health Grass Affected - Equine

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Grass Affected Equine supports horses showing spooky, nervous, aggressive or unpredictable behaviour caused by changes in pasture.

Professionally formulated natural anxiety supplement for horses.

Safe, non-toxic & 100% natural.

Equestrian Competition & Racing safe (not swab-able).

When To Dose

This natural calming remedy supports horses grazing on pasture that has excessive potassium levels combined with low levels of magnesium and calcium, which can result in hyperactivity, tenseness or unpredictable behaviour. The effect of this remedy is cumulative, and you are likely to see results over a period of 3-5 days.


How To Dose

Add this remedy to a piece of food, a treat or for more nervous horses, pump a dose on to your finger and dab the remedy onto the horses’ tongue, gum or lips. Grass Affected – Equine is only available in our 90ml pump bottle for targeted dosing of the affected horse, so is not suitable for adding to the water trough. This remedy is intended to be used alongside dietary management, supplementation and veterinary supervision

90ml Pump Bottle

Give 2 pumps onto the tongue, gums or lips, or on a piece of food 2 times a day, reducing doses as symptoms improve.

90 ml Pump Bottle = 230 doses (2 pumps per dose).

Bottles are food grade aluminium with a hygienic serum pump lid and over cap. Great for dosing on the go.