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HSE HiTone Silver Toner

HSE HiTone Silver is a salon formula, ultra-concentrated toning solution for grey & white horses.  It is a simple, quick and extremely effective way to neutralise the brassy yellowing left in mane, tail & body hair after washing. HiTone Silver won’t remove grass, manure & urine stains but it will colour correct grey and white hair after shampooing or stain removal leaving the hair ultra-white with sparkling silvery highlights.  Regular use will help prevent stains penetrating the hair cuticle.


Directions for use: One capful of HiTone Silver in a litre jug of water is all that is needed for gentle toning.  Simply soak the hair in the mixture for a minute at a time until the desired result is achieved.  Stronger concentrations will give more powerful results.  HTS is safe for the whole body, mane, tail & feathers.

For best results we recommend a light warm shampoo rinse prior to use to open the hair follicle. Then add 1 cap of HiTone Silver to 1 litre of water and soak for up to 1-5 minutes (depending on how stubborn the stain is). Rinse with water. If there is any staining from the product follow up with a shampoo rinse.



HSE HiTone Silver Toner
HSE HiTone Silver Toner

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