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Penetrene Liniment - 500ml

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Penetrene A Liniment is a green liquid with a characteristic smell of menthol and acetone. Each 100ml contains acetone 25.0g, menthol 1.14g, sassafras oil 0.26g, and aniseed oil 0.37g, in an alcoholic base. The colouring helps identify the area of treatment.

Mode of Action:

The combination of ingredients acts as a rubefacient, stimulating blood circulation to muscles, ligaments and tendons underlying the area of application. A mild antiseptic and analgesic effect is also achieved. The acetone assists penetration of the skin to achieve action at the site of sprains and strains. Massage reduces the development of unwanted adhesions at these injury sites, while the improved blood flow promotes normal healing processes and helps remove inflammatory debris.

Combined with rest, this enhances natural repair and reduces internal scarring without the use of anti-inflammatory drugs.


An aid to massage in the treatment of sprains and strains in horses and dogs.


In cases such as sprains and stains, foment the affected part with hot water. Dry thoroughly. Stimulate well by massaging. Apply a little Penetrene A Liniment full strength, enough to wet the hair, several times, each time working it well in from the outside to the centre of the trouble. Apply three times a day for three to four days, then once a day and at night. Can be used as a leg wash or muscle wash.

See label for directions.

Apply as a leg wash under cotton wool bandages.

Caution: Do not apply to damaged skin.

Flammable: Keep away from naked flame.

The product may be harmful if swallowed or inhaled and may cause eye irritation.

Wash hands and exposed skin immediately

after use.

Storage: Protect from light. Close cap tightly

after use (avoids evaporation).


500ml glass bottles