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Premium Nz Horse Minerals

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The highest spec, most comprehensive blend of Vitamins & Minerals made in New-Zealand. Where appropriate minerals are present in their organic, chelated, bio-available forms. Premium is a fine powder with a light vanilla flavour.

No Banned Substances

Formulated especially to suit our NZ conditions, they are based on information gathered from conducting forage tests plus feedback from a growing number of happy horse owners achieving their desired result: calm, healthy horses.

Perfect for keeping your horses in optimal health no matter what you are doing, from Trekking to Pony Club, Racing, Showing, Dressage, Endurance. Ideal for pregnant mares, breeding stallions and growing horses.

Being so rich in organic minerals ensures their effectiveness. This puts your mind at ease that your horse isn't either missing out or doubling up.

The dose rate is 15gms per 100kgs.
For minis weighing 120kgs that is only 20gms or 1/3 scoop enclosed. 

Premium NZ Horse Minerals contains :

  • excellent levels of chelated copper and zinc in the correct ratios, suitable to offset iron intake.
    Iron for Thought- about Iron & Horses
  • ALL major anti-oxidants, Vitamins A,C,E & Selenium, ALL the Vitamins A, C, D, E & K and ALL the B Vitamins B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B7, B9, B12, including folic acid and biotin to complement the plain, economical feeds of a simple diet (Link to What to Feed)
  • The form of Selenium in Premium is 100% organic. Feeding the correct dose for your horse’s weight will deliver just the right amount to maintain optimal selenium levels.
    We recommend feeding Premium alongside plain feeds which do not contain additional selenium. Check Back Labels of all feeds to ensure you are not inadvertently over-dosing your horse.
    Ideally have your veterinarian take a blood sample annually to check your horse’s levels (when he is at your property for whatever reason).