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WHE Royale Pro Series 2 Hanoverian Style Bridle.

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Royale Pro Series 2 Hanoverian Style Bridle.

This beautifully designed Bridle features a very special design… the Comfort Poll Headpiece…

 The Comfort Poll Headpiece is anatomically shaped to ensure the maximum amount of comfort available to the horse, behind the ears.

This Headpiece is a single piece of leather 4cm wide , very generously padded for absolute comfort to the horse, passing over the poll and distributing the pressure evenly  around the ears and poll.

There are no extra straps, the throat lash, cheek pieces and noseband all come off the main crown headpiece.

Adjustment is easy and offers great ease as the throat lash is adjustable from either side.

The Noseband offers the same adjustability as it can be ajusted from both sides

This innovative Comfort Poll bridle is available in Black Premium Leather.

The bridles hardware is all curved stainless steel

The Browband is absolutely beautiful and would look fantastic on a Black, Chestnut, Bay, Grey  Brown horse. It features a wave design with a subtle but definite shape to it with Red and Pure White Claw Set Crystals featured as a Wave Browband.

 A Hanoverian style Noseband  has compoletely removable Flash attachment/Converter and Flash strap. It is a Crank styled noseband that may covert to a snaffle if required.

The reins are a Continental styled rein, 19mm wide with leather stops for grip and billet end fittings.

Available in Full Black